Where will the universe be when the paradigm shifts?

Where will the universe be when the paradigm shifts? The universe is some sort of humongous quantum­foam Wiki, continually edited mostly unconsciously by every existent sentient being at every level of scale. Paradigms, models, conjectures and instinctual guesses of entities, from the infrahuman to the for us unimaginably god­like, actually modify Nature in attempting to represent Nature and her workings. Our little truths are a receding horizon. 




The bird’s song hears the listening ear.
The wind-blown flame sees the watching eye.
Looking back from the mirror world I see myself,
Remembering now.



Nothingness dances dreams of the dead,
soul-eyed shadows of devouring moon.
Star mind feasts upon Orphean strains,
alchemical food of Endless sun.


Real plolitik among the Laputan Taoists

The power of the Tao is emptiness. Its armies lead by following peasants; attack silently and weaponless by surrendering. The police of the Tao were trained by kittens. How does an adversary decapitate the headless? Can a dust cloud become disordered? Open the door to let in the thief!


A Belated Discovery

I’m a highly perceptive person, so I was quite disconcerted to discover about a week ago that I had actually been dead for more than two years. Apparently I never really noticed that had I died, because I was so distracted by texting myself, irradiating my brain with cell-phone EMF, having my Volvo tattooed and putting on I-shadow.

It’s really a life altering experience to suddenly learn that you have been dead for years. None of my closest friends noticed my passing either. Perhaps they had also deceased and were too busy making a living. It’s never very clear these days, I guess.

Naturally I just continue to do everything as usual. Sometimes you don’t get serious about life until you’re dead. But maybe not immediately even then. There’s really no need to hurry. Now I take a little more time to smell the dead flowers. At least I’m not an ontological wanna-be. It’s not that I wish that I had ever been, but occasionally for a moment I may wish that I wished that I had been. Nothing has really changed, since I died. In fact I haven’t noticed any difference at all.


Valentine’s Moment

I’ve never met anyone like you before, the Prince said to himself. The Princess was in complete agreement, saying that she had never met anyone like herself either. After a chronon or two in each others presences the Princess and the Prince unfortunately came to what passed for their senses. Sadly they finally stopped doing drugs, both recreational and psychotropic pharmaceuticals, and even worse stopped consuming endless amounts of sucrose; experienced an immediate and disturbing reduction in their reality deficit disorders; awakened from the delusional dreams of Western culture, only to discover that neither was a Princess nor a Prince at all, nor even a person.

The “Princess” was actually an empty mirror attached to the wall of a room. Immediately opposite this mirror was another mirror, which had dreamed it was a ‘Prince’. When the room was filled with people, the mirrors reflected what passed before them, causing them to identify with the passing drama of those others who also thought that they were actual people. But when the room was empty, the two opposing mirrors each reflected and even mirrored each other with perfect, but depthless, fidelity; Empty mirrors looking into each other eternally or at least until someone turned off the lights.


Wedding Solstice

Two sacks of blood and shit
dancing on death’s altar
before Buddha’s luminous shadow – –