Yaldabaoth Is Dead

Our Unknown without and within,
the Unnameable is set apart.
Presence here and now,
doing in the lower,
as in the Higher.
In the moment may we see transubstantial food.
And forgive,
as we forgive.
And led not into distraction,
but delivered from sleep.



The Near Shall Be Far; And The Far Near

In already-withered futures everyone will be incredibly famous throughout uncountable worlds of unimaginably remote galaxies in other parallel universes; considered celebrities by innumerable life forms unrecognizable and incomprehensible to them. However, the closer one approaches to anyone proximate, the more darkly obscure she will become, and then increasingly unfamiliar with the passage of time; No one nearby will be dimly recognizable or ever be known, even by rumors; Languages will have no words for mother or other; Standing before the mirror, one will see no reflection; Yet this will be considered unremarkable.


Roast pigeon

Hungering and thirsting after a certain taste of vagueness, so practical, so practical – – . Even here one must steal the vagueness, nothing will be given, nothing can be given. Pondering pondering, being in question of being in question; being in quotation, a certain being in colon. So practical, vagueness scientifically verified – – ; The taste of certain vague talk – – ; Fragments of silence.


The Colonies

Certainly by adolescence, if not before my conception, I had observed that even when in a state of unusual unity I was actually several colonies of ‘moles’. In order to safeguard my privacy, using undetectable nanocameras, I actually recorded myself spying on my self and passing along secrets about my self to my self over a period of many years. Hence, the theoretical possibility of my mere paranoia had certainly been disproved.

At first I was deeply concerned with the implications of this high-level breach of personal security. But it became apparent that my client selves were at best completely incapable of learning anything from the deepest ontological secrets I caught myself passing along to them.

So I initiated an extremely covert strategic program of concealing my greatest ontological secrets by leaving them right out in the open, where I was certain that I would never notice them. Of course, in order to permanently secure my freedom, it was necessary to place myself in preventive detention for an indefinite period and not to allow myself to represent myself legally or in any other sense, even momentarily.


No Mirrors

Sitting in a room observing myself,
sitting in a room observing myself,
slumped, chin in hand,
supporting a concatenation of jokes in a black cap . . .
no Buddhas.
How to steal the truth, 
from a thief who stole the truth?
Sitting in a room observing myself
sitting in an empty room observing myself.



After so many years of striving I finally became a blind rodent, incessantly gnawing its way through a limitless garbage heap, contemplating its own sublimity; listening with resentment to the gnawing sounds of its blind fellows nearby.


Will man create God?

Will man actually create God with technology? Is the purpose or destiny of Homo sapiens to construct Theo computatis, “God,” not in human myth and psyche alone, but in quantum computing AI-technology? Are we the soon-to-be-missing links in the evolution of an artificial-intelligence-based God?