Multiverse Is That It Is

Here is my personal intuition or wild guess regarding
the nature of reality, which will probably be
offensive to theists and atheists alike. There is
physical reality, the world of phenomena, mass-energy,  space-time, the universe, perhaps a Multiverse. There also is a non-physical reality, referred to by such terms as mind, awareness, consciousness and even perhaps “spirit or spiritual.” These two realities are not unrelated to each other and perhaps are not two or are a unity. Maybe their relationship is similar to front and back of a Mobius strip or inside and outside of a Klein bottle. My intuition is that consciousness at some rudimentary
level is not an epiphenomenon of matter (brains), but
as fundamental as mass-energy and space-time.

What we call intelligence is, according to this insane view, an inherent part of the fundamental substrate of
reality, as order with awareness. The totality of what
is, perhaps, the Multiverse, has always existed, i.e.,
it is not infinitely old, but beyond or outside of  space-time, as we pitifully understand it. If you want to call this consciousness-permeated Multiverse “God,” then that’s fine with me, as long as there is no further attribution of the personality of Zeus or Yahveh. But if you claim that this is only a new or a very ancient view of nature and the cosmos, panpsychism, and that no reference to “God” is necessary or desirable, then that too is fine with me. Truth may lie somewhere between “theism” and “atheism.” But everyone should develop his own intuition regarding the nature of reality.