The Colonies

Certainly by adolescence, if not before my conception, I had observed that even when in a state of unusual unity I was actually several colonies of ‘moles’. In order to safeguard my privacy, using undetectable nanocameras, I actually recorded myself spying on my self and passing along secrets about my self to my self over a period of many years. Hence, the theoretical possibility of my mere paranoia had certainly been disproved.

At first I was deeply concerned with the implications of this high-level breach of personal security. But it became apparent that my client selves were at best completely incapable of learning anything from the deepest ontological secrets I caught myself passing along to them.

So I initiated an extremely covert strategic program of concealing my greatest ontological secrets by leaving them right out in the open, where I was certain that I would never notice them. Of course, in order to permanently secure my freedom, it was necessary to place myself in preventive detention for an indefinite period and not to allow myself to represent myself legally or in any other sense, even momentarily.