Is Physics Becoming Art at the Limits of Scale?

Conjecture: There are multiple if not an infinite number of mathematically self-consistent descriptions of physical reality at the extreme ends of scale (cosmology and quantum events), a subset of which which may have varying degrees of predictive utility. It cannot be assumed a priori that only one self-consistent mathematical model of physical reality (which can be processed by the brains of homo sapiens and their AI artifacts) can isomorphically map physical reality at all levels of scale. That is, one complete self-consistent mathematical description of physical reality may not exist even in principle to be discovered. The limits of cosmological and quantum modeling may necessarily be only analogous to an neurologically species-limited art form, the medium of which is pure mathematics, rather than one complete, self-consistent description of physical reality. Our physical theories at the extreme ends of scale approach analogs of mathematical paintings of the landscape or spacetimescape of the universe, rather than the theoretical models of classical physics.