“Physical Laws” as Sampling Error

There is no fundamental ordered physical reality. So-called “constants” are actually variables with a very slow rate of change at the level of scale of the “observer.” As in an infinite n-dimensional matrix of random numbers, every possible ordered series of numbers occurs somewhere by chance alone, there are pockets or subsets of apparent order within the multiverse at certain levels of scale. “Physical laws” and “observers,” themselves, are merely sampling errors within random subsets of data values at a particular level of spatio-temporal scale. This hypothesis cannot be disconfirmed within a finite interval of “time” at any level of scale. Propositions within “physics” cannot ultimately be disconfirmed, as there are propositions within a mathematical system that are true but cannot be proven, a la Kurt Goedel. Cosmos is chaos.

“A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes.” — Ludwig Wittgenstein