Maybe I could have done better running the universe,
if I wasn’t on such high doses of placebo-DMT at the time I adjusted the universal constants of Nature. The Machine Elves told me all the correct values, explaining each law of physics with perfect lucidity in all possble conceptual languages and from all possible perspectives.

But the beauty of the gravity waves washing up on the ontological shoreline and the incessant rain of neutrinos was so distracting that I completely forgot the long conversations among Socrates, Jesus, and Buddha, and various others, who were unmistakably present as a family of giant toads.

The toads and several renowned misosophers spoke of
religion having become blasphemy and the world’s religions and ideologies corrupted and distorted into shadows of truths, which were obscured by lies. Then the placebo-DMT hit.

An obscure Amish placebo-head