According to an ancient esoteric teaching, the meaning and purpose of human life on Earth was to acquire a Smartphone, apparently especially useful when walking the path in traffic. It was taught: “We are men on a Social Network, trying to get ‘Likes’, what can be serious for us but to Update our Status?” “Our phone is losing its charge and we have not noticed. What can be serious for us but to charge it?” and “I teach people to listen to their Smartphones.” A Stingray of Creation was alluded to.

Students of this teaching would attempt to “Remember their Smartphones always and everywhere.” This practice was, however, extremely difficult without a Google Watch to assist them in locating their Smartphone. Some few individuals would seek out a Google Watch to assist them in their struggle to find their Phone. Seekers typically believed that they already possessed a Smartphone and were free to use it, if they could only find it, but usually wanted the latest, most advanced version. Buddhists by contrast believed that there actually was no Smartphone and that if one possessed the illusion of a Smartphone, then no personal images should be stored in memory.