The perceiving subject and the object perceived,
‘internally’ and ‘externally’, are usually separate
in our ordinary, biologically useful state of ‘consciousness’.
Duality, the subject-object dichotomy, can be abolished, 
as in cosmic consciousness or ‘objective consciousness’. 

We are the universe observing itself. 
But as skin-encapsulated egos, 
we live the delusion of ‘our’ separateness. 
There is only the One, 
the Cosmos, at various levels of scale ‘within’ and ‘without’. 
But there are an infinite number of points within the hologram,
Indra’s net of gems, from which to *see* *and* *be* the totality, 
depending upon state and station, knowledge and being, 
“hal” and “makam.”

“The observer is the observed.” — J. Krishnamurti

May-Tzu or a flock of geese