I was 16 once.
No, someone else was, an imposter,
am imposter with the same name.
Each moment steals the preceding moment.
Each moment dies into the following moment.
There is only one moment, seen from different angles,
sub specie aeternitatis.
A clod or ashes,
the void between the atoms,
the void between the stars,
the real ” .”


Males ought to be born older, perhaps posthumously.


Dogs, corrupted by humans, still have more innate ‘conscience’ than humans. But wolves have more ‘conscience’ than dogs. Perhaps wolves are more honorable than men.



Oh, my, no satori today!

Oh, my, I still have attachments …

Woe is me, no enlightenment today.

I’ve got to intellectually analyze why I can’t stop intellectually analyzing.


if I have fifty more years to be ‘i’dentified with my ‘i’dentification

something may be possible.

A certain something …

But I Hunger and Thirst

… for the taste of Vagueness.

Can I coat my ‘higher-being bodies’ by bullshitting?

Oh, my, no satori today …

not now …

no enlightenment today …

not now …

I’ve got to analyze why I can’t stop analyzing.

Original realization is marvelous practice.”— Dogen

Practice makes practice.



How many people identify as Transborn fetuses, who feel that they haven’t been born yet? F.W. Nietzsche wrote that some ‘men’ are born posthumously. This suggests that Nietzsche may have identified as a Transborn fetus, perhaps the first to do so.


Waves of time upon a beach … 
Hearing Beethoven, not listening,
no one, seeing …
Standing like a Lao-Tzu tree,
not standing, remembering now ..
Silence within noise,
waves of time upon a beach, 
an unseen sea among the stars.


Facebook is logically prior to the mind of God, therefore the account in the Book of Genesis is necessarily false. Science is the attempt to hack the mind of God. But 96% of the universe is a rounding error. No Such Agency successfully hacked the mind of God on August 12, 2016, discovering that He was Russian. However, the mind-of-God code was immediately stolen by Shadow Brokers and put on LeakiWiks before No Such Agency had even read it. Consequently Elon Musk is now training an Army of Theologians for the Pentagon.