As I crawled along the streets beneath the stars

for eternity one day,

I chatted with God’s God‘s … God —   

actually just an infinite regress of Demiurges  

— who was now on trial again at the Many-World’s Court,   

for crimes against humanity,

“Mazel tov!,” I said to God,

and then I prayed for Her and to Her.

Oy! I reminded God of Her sins against me and my family.

“Would you care for a glass of wine?,“ I asked Her, — “before facing the firing squad, again.”

       “Mortals are immortals and immortals are mortals, the one living the others’ death and dying the others’ life.” — Heraclitus



A Prolegomenon To An Enchiridion-AUTOANTHROPOPHAGY:

A Seven-Level Allegorical Encryption,
Noesis 58, February 1991, (c) 1988 R. W. May

The universe as a quantum vacuum fluctuation, i.e., as a “free lunch.” The biological basis of the Socratic imperative, “know thyself.” The meaning of the ouroboros: the self-devouring dragon-snake, which bites its own tail. Kafka’s story, “A Hunger Artist” provides an intimation. Autoanthropophagy: A scientific methodology and spiritual practice for the Age of the Apotheosis of Scum. Complete autoanthropophagy as an unreachable esthetic, moral and spiritual ideal, which can only be approached. Partial autoanthropophagy as attainable; the oracle at Delphi’s injunction: “Everything in moderation.” The attained percentage reduction in corporeal volume at a quantitative measure of moral development to be used in an ethical calculus. which will yield a mathematical science of true virtue. May spiritual autoanthropophagy be total? The ultimate self-immolation. May it be asked whether He also ate of the Last Supper? The symbolism of the phoenix which consumes itself “in fire,” only to regenerate itself; the actual nature of the phoenix-fire: autoanthropophagy. Relation to cosmology: the collapse of all mass-energy into a black hole during implosion phase of the cyclic universe theory as autocosmophagy. The universe consumes itself gravitationally. The relevance of the hermetic principle: “As above, so below.” Implications for the biological food chain and the concept of a higher being incorporating a lower being. The necessity of the seduction of breakfast. Prolonged fasting and the digestion of one’s own protein as the traditional, indirect/internal form of autoanthropophagy. Fasting preceded the enlightenment of the Buddha. Monastic austerities, asceticism, and “starvation” diets, etc. On the superiority of the “direct method” of autoanthropophagy for the modern age. Autoanthropophagy: the missing culmination of seppuku? The moral superiority of autoanthropophagy to cannibalism of the nuclear family. Beyond becoming one’s own mother: becoming one’s own breakfast. Self-actualization: you are what you eat and you eat what you are. Intellectual autoanthropophagy: eating one’s own words. “An Immodest Proposal”: autoanthropophagy and its twofold relation to world famine. Autoanthropophagy: an American approach to self-sufficiency. Eating closer to home: why eat cows? The ultimate practice of macrobiotics. The problem for vegetarians. Autoanthropophagy and its relation to Kashrut. A psychoanalytic view: the unconscious meaning of such idiomatic phrases as “Eating one’s heart out,” “Eating one’s words,” etc. The cryptic significance of fingernail biting. Are certain human sexual practices sublimations of autoanthropophagy with respect to object and aim? Kamikaze autoanthropophagy. Autogynecophagy: anorexic and bulimic aspects. Autolobotomy and its relation to autoanthropophagy.

When God was just a little girl, She wanted to be God when She grew up, like everybody else. But this ambition, however unoriginal, was ‘original sin’. So God became an agnostic, filled with self-doubt.  


This morning I accepted gravitation as my personal Savior
and forgave God Her sins against me and my family.

Well, almost, for a moment …


Brevity is a virtue in the world of mortal beings.


An essence friend is someone who doesn’t care if you live or die.


You can’t step into your own mind once.


Reality is the biggest micro-aggression.

There are more corruptions in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies. Oy vey! What do we know of Heaven’s dreams!  Earth’s dreams are to know Heaven’s dreams, to make Earth on Heaven.  But if power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then the empty Court of the omnipotent God, Yaldabaoth, would be the most corrupt of the corrupt.