To Gorgias of Leontini:

“Nothing exists, 
if anything does exist it cannot be known, 
if anything exists and can be known, 
it cannot be communicated.”

 – Gorgias of Leontini, c. 485-380 B.C.

Moonless Sun

In dreams the Master plays sounds of the time before listening or hearing.

Waves of time upon a beach — 

No one — 

in an unseen sea.

Lao-Tzu standing like a tree.

Is the universe an update?

My most painful experience was coming home from work one night 

and unexpectedly finding myself dead, 

sprawled across the bed. 

Don’t take your life personally. 

It doesn’t have anything to do with you.

I still sometimes hope to be born before I die. Perhaps it would be possible to rent a life.

One’s only duty is to die for whatever county one happens by chance to be born in.
Conform and die for the herd.

Look forward to the day when humans can be farmed to die 

and be biologically resurrected 

endless numbers of times in the interest of the ‘elite’.

The Future of the Future 

Time-traveling missiles reach their targets before the missiles are launched, preemptively destroying enemies that only exist 

in quantum-computer-projected probable futures. 

Nations will then defensively surrender to other nations 

not yet in existence, 

based solely upon their own defense quantum-computer projections.



Waves of time 
upon a beach —

No one — 
in an unseen sea.

Lao-Tzu standing like a tree.

Waves of time 
upon a beach —

No one — 
in an unseen sea.


The observable universe is clickbait.

Where will the universe be when the paradigm shifts? The universe is some sort of humongous quantum­-foam Wiki, continually edited, mostly unconsciously, by every existent sentient being at every level of scale. Paradigms, models, conjectures and instinctual guesses of entities, from the infra-human to the for us unimaginably god­like, actually modify Nature in attempting to represent Nature and her workings. Our little truths are a receding horizon. 


We are slugs in Manhattan on a starry night.
There is infinite truth, but not for us.



Reality, a symphony crystallized into mathematical logic and then distilled into a cloud of souls silently passing over world after world. Each monkey below has a guardian vulture circling above his head.

Each vulture looking down also has a vulture above him looking down upon him with glee in an infinite regress. Of course, the hierarchy of vultures ascends all the way to the Absolute. But …  

Who mutters in the darkness? Whom do you address in the fading light? Do I exist? Do you not address at most a chimera; a fastly fading ephemeral illusion of the dust of dreams and dreams of dust, as before a mirror?

Two old cousins sitting on benches thousands of miles apart, mumbling incoherently in the night before their dissolutions, like puffs of smoke; talking to themselves with their last breaths, … about what? 

Someone, a relative I think, once told me my name or alleged name, long ago. I never had the presence of mind though to ask for my autograph, as proof of my celebrity. Often I can recall it, but why this was my name is not clear to me.  

Sometimes apparently I’m in the same world with myself for a few moments, maybe even in the same room. Occasionally I have even been aware of my presence nearby, as if casting a shadow.

But it was not clear to me why this was my shadow or if I was really its shadow or both were shadows of something else.  Then I’d quickly forget this invasion of my privacy, returning to my usual dreams.

Once I may have momentarily seen some fleeting manifestation of myself in a mirror or a dream, nameless, but not yet invisible; Leaving no shadow and having none to leave. …  

Emptiness silently passing over world after world. Each buddha below has a guardian vulture circling above its head.


The Music of the Polytopes

Consciousness and the cosmos are both a cacophony and a ‘symphony’ of the vibrating strings of string theory, resonating in 11-dimensional hyperspace.
(4 minute Michio Kaku video
: ) Music has an outward mathematical aspect, a ‘physics’ (material, mechanistic) and an inner aspect, a ‘subjectivity’, the music of music. ‘Music’, of which we can hear only a narrow band of the totality, may ultimately be ‘elegant’ geometric patterns of the spacetime continuum. These patterns may occur when the state vector collapses, a la, Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff; ‘elegant’ geometric patterns of the spacetime continuum that manifest within our inner subjective awareness, within consciousness-at-large, if such exists, and in outer objective mathematics. 

Eugene Wigner’s unreasonable ‘effectiveness of mathematics’ may be isomorphic to the unreasonable effectiveness of music upon consciousness. Both follow from the ’reasonable’ effectiveness of natural selection. Our brains follow the logic and perhaps esthetics of the universe, not vice versa.

Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language. — Ludwig Wittgenstein



One Tarot unifies QM with GR.
Infinite maths vary from world to world,
moment to moment.

Everywhere you turn, a Messiah of Fools.
What more could be needed,
blessed with such an excess of truth?



Occam’s razor, the principle of parsimony, states that “entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity”

May-Tzu’s razor, the principle of parsimonious parsimony, states that “If entities do not meet my expectations, then they ought be multiplied by zero.”